H2O- It's free

August 29,2019

We are always told to drink more water, drink more water, aaannd drink more water.  Well, why DO we need to drink more water?  How does it benefit us?   

Drinking water may actually help reduce cravings.  Because dehydration can sometimes be confused with hunger, drinking water throughout the day will assist you in eating intuitively, ultimately making better food choices that support  gut health.  To ensure digestive regularity it is important to stay hydrated as dehydration can lead to constipation. While your skin is the largest organ in the body, drinking water helps to hydrate cells and give your skin a healthy glow.   Because our brains are made of about 70% water, proper hydration will help you think and stay alert. Some common signs of dehydration are headaches, thirst, and fatigue.  By consuming enough water you are going to feel less sluggish throughout the day.  So how much H2O are we supposed to drink?   There is no one answer for everyone as factors such as level of activity, age and current state of health need to be taken into account.  General recommendations are 2.7 liters a day for women and 3.7 liters per day for men.  Try to avoid sugar sweetened beverages, if plain water is difficult for you to drink infuse water with fresh fruit,  cucumbers, add a squeeze of lemon and even basil.  The quality of the water is important as well.  You want to watch out for contaminants, so use a good at-home filter and instead of using plastic water bottles (think green) opt for stainless steel or glass.  Drink up!!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Energy Balls

July 12, 2019

l am always looking for healthy and easy recipes to try.  When I find one, I love to share not only the finished product :) but the recipe for others to enjoy.  I love these super filling balls of goodness and they only take 10 minutes to make.  They fill you up and satisfy that sweet craving.  


1/2 cup Peanut Butter or Almond Butter

1 cup oats (I use GF oats)

1/3 cup grated dark chocolate or cocoa nibs

3/4 Tbls organic maple syrup

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 cup nuts of your choice


Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.  Roll the dough into balls with your palms (be prepared to get a bit messy).  Pop the balls into the fridge for about a half an hour.  Tada!  Enjoy

Selecting your sunscreen

June 4, 2019

Summer is upon us and it is time to reap the benefits of vitamin D from Mother Nature.  However, It is important to enjoy the sun the safe way.  Be sure to always use sunscreen.  With so many various kinds on the market it is difficult to know what to buy.  There are two types of sunscreen:  mineral and chemical.  Mineral sunscreens protect you from the harmful UV rays by sitting on top of the skin.  Chemical sunscreens seep into your skin to absorb those rays.  Guess which one you will want to purchase?  Yup, mineral.  You will want to have a Broad Spectrum sunscreen to protect from both the UVA and the UVB rays.  UVB rays will burn the skin and UVA penetrate deep into the skin and accelerate aging.  Both rays are harmful and can cause skin cancer.  When shopping for a mineral sunscreen look for zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  They protect against both rays and do not seep into your bloodstream.  Zinc is also known to help calm and soothe the skin.  It is also recommended to go for a lotion over a spray.  Even if the ingredients in a mineral sunscreen are safe for the skin it can have a different effect if inhaled, which is a risk with aerosols.  Lotion is also more likely to provide a thick and even coating on your skin.

  If you have a chemical sunscreen at home, and have been pleased with the results  (even after reading this) it is important to note that when it comes to SPF (sun protection factor) more is not always better.  Be wary of anything higher than 50 SPF.  SPF describes a products protection against UVB rays.  Remember, the ones that cause sunburn.  So while you may not be getting burned you are still absorbing the UVA rays that accelerate aging.  And you are less likely to continuously apply due to a false sense of security with a high SPF rating.  The Environmental Working Group has a list of safe sunscreens that you can feel good about putting on your skin- all summer long.  Go mineral and enjoy your Summer.

Fiber and better health

March 21, 2019

As we try to live a healthier lifestyle and become mindful of what we are putting into our bodies, it seems as though many of us are forgetting one very important nutrient for better health. FIBER. Lancet published a review of 243 studies on fiber showing just how beneficial a diet high in fiber can be. Those that ate more cut their risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and colon cancer by 15% – 30%. The strongest reductions in disease risk were among those that consumed 25 g to 29 g of fiber each day in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. The more fiber they ate the lower the risk. Now, the guidelines for fiber intake is 25 g daily for women and for men 38 g daily. However, the federal data show that the average American consumes only about 15 g daily. We have a ways to go to reap the benefits of this nutrient. So how is it that fiber is so beneficial? Fiber-rich foods tend to be more bulky and take longer to chew. This helps you to feel full sooner and may lower your risk of obesity. Fiber also nourishes beneficial bacteria in the gut which can lower your risk for colon cancer. Fiber will also slow the absorption of sugar found in fibrous foods which means your sugar will not spike as quickly. To get more fiber in your diet, first be aware of the foods that are rich in this nutrient. Whole fruits such as raspberries, pears and apples are particularly high in fiber. (Please buy organic when possible to avoid exposure to unwanted pesticides). Vegetables such as artichokes, green peas, broccoli and brussels sprouts. Lentils have 15.6 g of fiber per cooked cup. Avocados have 6.7 g per half, raw. For those of you that love your pasta, try switching to Whole-Wheat pasta and get 6.3 g per cup. A little tip…mix in avocado to add a creaminess to your pasta instead of dairy. An extra punch of fiber there. 🙂 Now, you can take a supplement, but by not incorporating the many great sources of fiber into your diet you miss out on all the other health benefits of whole foods. Cancer fighting antioxidants, vitamins that can improve your immune system and do not forget the inflammation taming compounds. Please note that animal proteins have ZERO grams of fiber. During meal times consider having your animal protein portion be palm sized and a generous cup size of your favorite vegetable. For desert have a cup full of blackberries to ensure a healthy intake of fiber. Cheers to our friend FIBER!

Going for a walk

March 12, 2019

Mindfulness has changed my life.  This practice has truly turned things upside down for me (in a good way). Since attending a Mindful Eating 2 day workshop a year ago I try to live my life in the present. Am I always there, not even close, but each day I find myself more and more aware of thoughts that take me to past experiences or fearing the future. You know, the what if’s. We spend about 99% of our time in the past, which we cannot change or worrying about the future, which we cannot control. Want to be more in the present? Try this, it’s one of my favorites. Go for a walk. Not your ordinary walk though. No earbuds just being outdoors. You really want to engage all of your senses when you take this walk. Feel your feet hit the ground as you walk and feel the movement of your muscles. Pay attention to all of the sights, sounds and even the smells. Be sure to look up. If you are in a city you will notice the beautiful architecture above eye level. If you are in a park you may see birds’ nests and notice if the sky is clear or the shapes of the clouds. When I walk now I rarely have earbuds in so that I can truly be present in my neighborhood or on the walking trail. If you really want to feel ALIVE go for a walk in the rain or when it is really windy. A good walk can put the world in perspective and soothe frayed nerves. It is an excellent stress reliever and mood booster. On the day that I write this the sun has graced us with its presence so I am going to lace up and walk the neighborhood, mindfully. Join me?

The benefits of our furry friends

February 5, 2019

As a health and wellness coach I am continually spreading the word about Self Care and the importance of it. Helping others to find a way to manage their stress and take time out for themselves. Just how vital it is to find joy, connect, be in nature and be physical. Having a pet is a perfect way to do just that. Referring in this post specifically to dogs, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that owning a dog requires a bit of energy. They must be walked and exercised, which means you are out there getting physical right along with them. Also notice the connection with nature. While walking your dog be sure to take time to feel the sun on your face, hear the birds sing or do some deep breathing. Making the time you walk with your pet a mindful walk will benefit you greatly by reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. Cortisol is a hormone activated by stress and studies have found that being around animals can decrease cortisol levels. Owning a pet has shown to also improve one’s social life. When you start to engage with others about your companion, people tend to open and really blossom. They want to share stories about their favorite friend. Pets can bring us such joy and provide us with a strong connection to something more than ourselves. Of course, being a pet owner is not without stress or effort, but studies show the benefits greatly outweigh any negatives. If you have a furry friend, be mindful of the joy and meaning they can bring to your life. That by simply spending time with our four-legged friends they can do wonders for your overall wellbeing.

I have recently had the privilege to meet Keith Remelts of FiveW pet treats and love what he is doing. FiveW produces an alternative to off-the-shelf dog treats with better quality ingredients and environmentally conscious production. He provides locally sourced ingredients, responsible production, environmentally conscious packaging, and healthy products that helps pet owners provide quality cookies to their fur babies. Check out what he is doing at https://fivewpets.com/

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