My journey to becoming a health and wellness coach came after a series of health challenges that included 3 different cancer diagnosis, a hysterectomy and meningitis. I was working in health care administration during the last series of illnesses and the scope of the position was very demanding making it difficult to get well. I knew that something had to change, I needed to do things differently and put my wellbeing first. Having always worked and placing importance on being a leader helped define me at the time, so it was difficult to think of giving that up. To this day I have no doubt that it was not only necessary but life changing.

I started volunteering at the local Gilda's Club of Grand Rapids, MI and putting thought to what lies ahead. I knew that I wanted to use my life experience in both health care administration and being a patient to make a difference. I discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and that being a health coach and working with people to help them live their best lives was my purpose. Sharing the knowledge that being healthy is not just about what we put on our plate, but integrating all aspects of our lives such as relationships, careers, spirituality and physical activity. These areas all contribute greatly to our overall wellbeing.

My vision is to provide a place of support, empowerment and connection. No judgement just compassion. Progress over perfection. Life is a journey to be lived and celebrated. Finding joy and gratitude in each day and living with intention. To make a difference one being at a time.

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